10 Qualities of Self-Aware Leaders

Kelly Stickel

Parallel Leaders Podcast | Episode S2.01

Self-awareness is understanding how your personality traits, habits and abilities affect your interactions with the people around you.

According to John Maxwell, a lack of self-awareness holds back more good teams and derails more leaders’ careers than anything else. 

Travis Bradbury and Jean Greaves, the authors of Emotional Intelligence, report the alarming impact a high self-awareness has on your performance. A study found that a high level of self-awareness was reflected in 83% of top performers, while only 2% of bottom performers displayed this trait. This indicates that self-awareness is crucial to your success as a leader. 

“When we are foolish, we want to conquer the world. When we are wise, we want to conquer ourselves.” ~John C. Maxwell

John Maxwell


  • The difference between empathy and sympathy
  • The power of active listening
  • Accountability is not a bad word
  • How to self-reflect
  • The role of Emotional Intelligence in leadership

Action Step: 

Review the ten qualities and rate yourself quickly on a scale of 1-10. What areas are your strengths? Which do you need to work on? Establish a plan to work on ONE of your weaker traits.

Kelly Stickel

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