How to Keep Going When the Going Gets Tough: Insights on Resilience

Tanisha Stromberg

Parallel Leaders Podcast | Episode 27

Have you ever wondered how some leaders seem to effortlessly navigate challenges while maintaining their composure and achieving success? 

Explore practical strategies, mindset shifts, and actionable tips that empower leaders to overcome obstacles and thrive in the face of adversity, including the power of “thinking high,” surrounding yourself with a supportive community, and pre-determining affirmations that strengthen your resolve.


  • Embracing Mission and Mindset
  • Finding the Right Support System
  • Discovering your personal motivation
  • Prioritize with purpose
  • Nurturing Resilience Through Honour
  • Embracing the Reality of your Calling
  • Respect your seasons
  • Gain Giraffe Perspective
  • Create Tangible Reminders

Tanisha Stromberg

Campus Pastor, Parallel Church Okotoks

Pastor Tanisha is no stranger to needing resilience in ministry. After becoming a campus pastor in early 2020, facing tragic and ever circumstances in their congregation, leadership, and own personal family dynamics, she’s passionate about not just getting through a hard season but learning to carry it well. Here are her top 11 tips from that season that have stayed with her when going through hard things.

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