Leading from the Middle

How to lead when you are not in charge.

Pastor Brandon Stewart | Parallel Leaders Podcast | Episode 015

99% of us are leading from the middle. We’re being led while leading others. In this episode of Parallel Leaders, Lead Pastor Kelly Stickel from Parallel Church and Pastor Brandon Stewart from Leading Second in the Pacific Northwest, dive deep into leading from the second seat. Learn to build trust, grow your circle of influence, challenge the process in a healthy way, expand your capacity and deal with your own insecurities so you can grow as a leader – no matter where you’re leading from. 


► How to stay culturally connected with your leader.
► What to do when your opinion conflicts with your leaders.
► Challenging the process or decision in a healthy way.
► Dealing with unmet expectations
► The one thing that is guaranteed to derail your leadership.
► Avoiding burnout or exhaustion.
► Increasing your capacity.
► Disciplines to help you carry the leadership load.


► leadingsecond.com
► https://www.teamchurchconference.com
► Book: The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz
► Book: Rocket Fuel by Geno Wickman and Marc Winters
► Book: High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard
► Book: 360 Leader by John Maxwell
► Book: Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Peter Scazzaro
► Video: How to properly challenge the process you don’t agree with. Including your boss!

Brandon Stewart

Leading Second

Brandon & Lindsay fiercely believe in the power and potential of a healthy local church. Firmly planted at Champions Centre in Tacoma, WA, they have given their lives toward this cause. 

Brandon has been passionately building the church’s community impact over the years, serving on the leadership team of Champions Centre in Tacoma, WA. He’s given his drive and his effort to the success of the Team Church Conference and tribe, as well as coaching pastors, leaders, and teams across North America. 

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