Developing A Personal Growth Plan

“Champions do not become champions in the ring they are merely recognized in the ring. They become champions in their daily habits”

Joe Fraser

Where do you spend your time? What do you prioritize? What are your habits?

Author James Clear says it this way, “What you do is an indication of the type of person you believe you are. Either consciously or non-consciously.”

Are your habits helping or hindering you? Are you spending time wisely? Are you investing in yourself? Are you strategically focusing on areas that will give you the greatest impact in this coming year and the future you desire?

Without clear personal goals AND a plan to get there, you will limit your potential and risk capping the growth of yourself, your team and your organization.

The investment you spend now will determine the return you get from life.


Start with your growth goals. What are the 3 areas or skills that you want to improve? Make sure they are specific, measurable and achievable this year.


By writing things down they are 70% more likely to happen.

  • Mental/Spiritual Goals – based on your goals, what books, podcasts, courses and conferences will help you achieve them?
  • Emotional/Social Goals – identify relationships that you want to invest in (both mentor/mentoree and family/friendships).
  • Physical Goals – too often our health takes a back burner to what we feel are more pressing priorities, but it has a direct impact on your leadership effectiveness. These don’t necessarily have to be dietary but could include x hours a week to recreate or take a break every 90 minutes.


  • Time. Determining “what” and “how” are only the first steps. You need to commit to “when,” otherwise the day-to-day whirlwind of life will consume your time. Schedule dedicated time in your calendar to accomplish your plan.
  • Finances. If your plan relies on a financial commitment, budget it and/or get approval early so that financial constraints don’t derail your plan.

When we commit to learning, staying healthy, and developing relationships, we live better, happier lives. It’s as simple as that.

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